Commercial 550 & 650 Paracord

Phoenix Rope & Cordage is a leading supplier of commercial paracord grades 550 and 650. Some people use it to make bracelets and necklaces, but many times it is used by people that want the military look of parachute cord without the added expense. Commercial paracord is manufactured to look similar to MIL-C-5040 but is a commercial grade that does not meet all mil-spec standards. If you require government rope, we also supply a variety of mil spec rope that meet U.S. government requirements for purchasing military rope.

Our 650 paracord is a 32 carrier braided nylon over a 4-strand textured nylon core with an average break strength of 300-350 pounds. The 550 paracord (sometimes referred to as Type III Commercial) is also a 32 carrier braided nylon but with a 7-strand textured nylon core and a breaks strength of 550 pounds. However, keep in mind the 550 paracord is not made from the same quality yarns or tested like the Mil-Spec rope.

commercial paracord 650

We offer commercial grade paracord in an assortment of colors with some colors available in a coreless construction. Our paracord is sold in spools of 1,000 ft. and up. Contact us today to learn more about our commercial paracord.

Available 550 and 650 paracord colors:

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