Netting-1-5_8'-Square-Black Netting-3'-Nylon-Mesh-Knotted-WhitePhoenix Rope can supply all types of nets and netting. We offer a wide range of custom made nets for many commercial, recreational, and personal uses. We furnish knotless nylon netting in a 3/16″ mesh up to an 8″ mesh, and in various weights. The netting is all made to order and can be furnished with and without a border. This type of netting is most commonly used as backstop or barricade netting, baseball, softball, or golf driving cages, conveyor netting, display or advertising netting, and decorative netting.

For a larger, stronger netting, we can furnish nets made to order using larger three strand ropes. These types of nets are used as safety netting, debris netting, climbing nets, theme and water park netting, and cargo nets. Made from synthetic ropes up to 1″ diameter and 16″ mesh size, these nets can provide a variety of uses.

We also supply both monofilament and multifilament nylon nets and netting for use in the commercial fishing and fish farming industries. From hoop nets, fyke nets, and bait nets, to actual cages, and bird pen netting; Phoenix can meet your specifications and requirements.