Hollow Braid Polypropylene Cordage

Hollow-Braid-Polypropylene-Cordage-5-16'-#10-YellowThis cord is one of the most practical and economical synthetic cords available.  The hollow braid construction enables this cord to be spliced quickly and easily.  Standard construction for this style of cord is an 8 carrier, but in limited applications, 12 and 16 carrier can be supplied.  Common uses for this cord are golf barrier rope, guy lines, ski tow rope, and pet leashes.  Hollow braid can be available in a variety of colors and color combinations.  This cord is UV Stabilized for resistance to sunlight degradation. General put-up spool size for hollow braid polypropylene is 1000 ft.  Longer lengths are available depending on the size.  Phoenix Rope stocks 3/16″ diameter on 5000 ft. spools for crowd control applications.


HBP18 1/8” 2.5 185
HBP316 3/16” 4.76 450
HBP14 1/4” 7.25 792
HBP516 5/16” 13.7 1114
HBP38 3/8” 16.7 1600
HBP12 1/2” 22 2592

*SAFE WORK LOAD – Safe working load is 5-20% of the listed tensile strength depending on the age and condition of the rope. Refer to Cordage Usage for details.