Cotton Cable Cord

Cotton Cable Cord

Cotton cable cord is a blend of polyester and cotton yarn that is cabled into a 3 strand construction. This gives the twine an added bulk and increased strength. This cabled construction makes the twine a firmer construction than other cotton twines.

Special Lengths

The cable cord comes on 12 Lb. and 1 lb. balls, 2 12 or 5 lb. cones. The cotton cable cord can also be offered in cut lengths or pieces; and can be supplied to meet the Mil Spec TT881.

Common Uses for Cotton Cable Cord

Cotton cable cord is popular in the following industries:

  • Fishing
  • Toy
  • Advertising
  • Construction Trade
    (chalk & mason lines
  • ...and much more

Product Results

8's Cotton Cable Cord Blend (#9 x 2.5lb Cone)