Government & Mil Spec Rope

Many types of ropes and braids are used on, or for, government or military products. Many blueprints and drawings call for specifications which include a rope, cord or twine. Phoenix Rope can manufacture all types of assemblies and component parts from these drawings or prints. We can provide certificates of conformance/compliance where applicable; and provide competitive pricing advantages on these finished parts. If you’re interested in non mil-spec rope that looks similar to MIL-C 5040 and does not require meeting specific U.S. government specifications, we also offer commercial 550 & 650 paracord.

Phoenix has complete facilities for treating, dyeing, splicing or cutting to length. We also supply some of the more common government rope specifications below. Contact us today for your stock or custom military rope needs.

Common Military Rope Specifications

A-A-1451 MIL-C-453 MIL-R-1670 MIL-B-371
A-A-50057 MIL-C-1145 MIL-R-1688 PIA-5040
A-A-52056 MIL-C-4232 MIL-R-17343 ECU-9
A-A-52088 MIL-C-5040 MIL-R-24049 -
A-A-52094 MIL-C5651 MIL-R-24050 MIL-T-713
A-A-55622 MIL-C-7515 MIL-R-24335 MIL-T-43435
- MIL-C-17183 MIL-R-24337 -
TC571 MIL-C-40088 MIL-R-24536 MIL-W-530
TR571 MIL-C-43256 MIL-R-24537 MIL-W-4088
- MIL-C-43307 MIL-R-24677 -
TR605 MIL-C-43588 MIL-R-24730 MIL-Y-1140
TR650 MIL-C-43678 MIL-R-24750 -
- MIL-C-43701 MIL-R-30500 -
TR616 MIL-C-81104 - -
TR871 MIL-C-83242 - -
MIL-C-87129 MIL-C-87129 - -