Sisal & Jute Twine

Sisal & Jute Twine

What is Sisal Twine?

Sisal twine is made from a natural plant fiber, and is a strong economical, “workhorse” twine. Sisal twine is offered in a 1,2 or 3 ply construction. This is the number of strands used to make the finished twine.

Common Applications for Sisal Twine

Sisal twine is used in a variety of different applications including:

  • Agricultural
  • Landscape & Nursery Applications
  • General Industrial Tying


Jute twine is a natural vegetable fiber twine primarily used in the arts and crafts industry with some applications in fashion, wall treatments, and advertising and display industries. Jute twine is excellent for a variety of crafts, packaging and wrapping as well. Jute twine holds knots securely, and is easy to handle.

Jute is supplied on ½ or 1 lb. tubes, 10 lb. tubes or 50 Lb. reels. Common sizes include #28 and #72 in a 1,2, 3, or 4 ply construction.

Product Results

Sisal Binder Twine - 5LB


Sisal Twine

Starting at: $29.98

3 Ply Jute Twine #28 - 1/2 lb. Tube


2 Ply Jute Twine #28 - 1/2 lb.