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#18 Braided Nylon Seine - 1/2 lb. Tube


Construction & Benefits

The twine comes packaged on 1/4, ½, or 1 Lb. tubes. Phoenix Rope can cut these twines to specific lengths, knot ends, and make assemblies for the advertising and toy industries.

Common Applications for Nylon Seine Twine

Nylon seine twine is used in a variety of different applications including:

  • Trotlines
  • Decoy Lines
  • Mason & Construction Lines
  • Other Constructions & Electrical Uses

Color Options

The twine is stocked in a natural white, but is available in black, dark green, neons and other colors, coinciding with its use. This twine is also available in a tarred or coated construction used in net repair for the fishing and sporting good industries.

Braided Seine Twine

Size Ft./lb. Tensile Strength*
15 1000' 105 lbs
18 1100' 1305 lbs
21 780' 168 lbs
36 545' 279 lbs
48 370' 396 lbs
60 290' 495 lbs
72 250' 567 lbs

*SAFE WORK LOAD – Safe working load is 5-20% of the listed tensile strength depending on the age and condition of the rope. Refer to Cordage Usage for details.